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Shuni-e Ceremony at Todaiji, Nara

The Shuni-e (修二会) is a ceremony held each year at Todaiji in Nara for over 1,200 years.

Hina Matsuri Dance by Ichihime Shrine, Kyoto

Kikubari – The Heart of Japanese Design

As I settle into Kyoto, I’m absolutely fascinated by how much care they put into the most mundane objects…

Life in Transition

Feeling the anxiety and lost-ness of being in transition — in life and in travel.

Fujino Cafe & Konna Monjya

Kyoto’s well-known tofu dessert places

Honno-ji, Kyoto

Honno-ji (本能寺) was where infamous Japanese daimyo, Oda Nobunaga committed suicide after being surrounded by the army of his traitorous right hand man, Akechi Mitsuhide in the 16th century. Like…

Kyoto Tower

South of Kyoto city, Kyoto Tower is a great landmark to get your bearings if you manage to get lost!

See Mt. Fuji from Your Airplane Seat

This was taken en route from Tokyo to Osaka.  Pro-tip: I sat on the right side of the plane.  

Magical Moments

Often, we are so caught up with the doing of life, we forget to experience being of life. Here’s a tribute to the magic of being.

Sincerity in Japanese・Makoto ・誠

誠・まこと・sincerity 「誠」は不思議な言葉です。英語から直訳すると、「sincerity」になります。 “Makoto” is a mysterious word. If you translate it directly into English, it becomes “Sincerity”. けれど、「誠」と「sincerity」の意味は全く違っています。 However, the meanings of “makoto” and “sincerity” are completely different….