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Category: Japanese Culture

Shuni-e Ceremony at Todaiji, Nara

The Shuni-e (修二会) is a ceremony held each year at Todaiji in Nara for over 1,200 years.

Hina Matsuri Dance by Ichihime Shrine, Kyoto

Kikubari – The Heart of Japanese Design

As I settle into Kyoto, I’m absolutely fascinated by how much care they put into the most mundane objects…

Sincerity in Japanese・Makoto ・誠

誠・まこと・sincerity 「誠」は不思議な言葉です。英語から直訳すると、「sincerity」になります。 “Makoto” is a mysterious word. If you translate it directly into English, it becomes “Sincerity”. けれど、「誠」と「sincerity」の意味は全く違っています。 However, the meanings of “makoto” and “sincerity” are completely different….