At a time when the internet has become a form of disconnection, addiction and escapism, I want to experiment with it to forge deep, meaningful connections instead.

This means putting parts of my authentic self forwards, with the intent to connect — not for likes or money. As I pen my thoughts and interests, I hope to connect with people who share some of my interests or worldviews or are on a similar journey of becoming a better person every day.

Sep 2018

About me

I’m a curious person with a whirring mind and a wide range of interests — some followed me from childhood, others ever-changing. Some interests:

  • Cultural Travel: Some people travel for food, others to shop or check off bucket lists. I travel to try to understand the psyche of a particular culture or society. Some of my recent travels include Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Vietnam and the US. My next trip will be to Southern China in November 2018.
  • Japan: get its own mention as I’ve visited the country almost yearly since 2013. I also lived in Kyoto for 2 months while I was in between jobs. I speak some Japanese and have adopted some of its practices such as the art of incense (kōdō 香道), tea (sadō 茶道) and Buddhism.
  • Psychology: Watching the Matrix in my high school psychology class ignited my lifelong pursuit of the answer for “What is a good society?” (I haven’t found the answer yet). In my fervent pursuit, I majored in political theory in university.

Connect with me

Instagram: @nanyate
Twitter: @nanyate
Goodreads: ivytan